Production of ePublications

ePublication functionality and added-value
require the know-how of specialists.


We will be pleased to advise you on the selection and realisation of your eBook projects and use our tools to help you with this process.
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Only an optimally-implemented ePub format delivers real enjoyment to the reader.
The ePub format is a continuous text format. That means the division into lines and pages first occurs during the display. This format is therefore perfect for novels and for many specialist books.
Special challenges of the ePub format are tables, formulas and footnotes.

The following factors influence the presentation:

  • the reading device and the specific display size
  • the selected font and font size

Every eBook format has its own rules. This also applies for Mobipocket. We have extensive know-how in exploiting its functionality.

Mobipocket SA is a format for displaying eBooks, text, E-News and other publications on predominantly small electronic devices (e.g. PDA and mobile phones) and particularly the Amazon Kindle Series.
For eBooks that are not free, Amazon also encrypts these ".mobi" files, ".azw", so that a document can only be rendered faithfully on a Kindle device or with a Kindle App.
Different features are available depending on the reading device. They include the management of books and their metadata, autoscroll, rotation of views, bookmarks, proprietary hyperlinks, markings and comments.

The Enriched PDF format offers many multimedia design options and thus real added-value for the reader.

In contrast to ePub or Mobipocket, the PDF page layout format ensures that all elements on a page are displayed identically on different hardware. Images, captions, tables, footnotes etc. are therefore not a problem. However, the format maintains a defined layout so that the authentic reading experience is restricted to large displays.
The multimedia content enhancement offers the publisher the possibility of using video and audio files instead of static images. This offers the reader valuable additional information. The format is especially interesting for advertising because it offers many response options.