Our highly flexible machines allow the production of almost all types of hardbacks

The book cover is the main component of a hardback. It gives the book its character, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Enormous demands are placed on the book cover depending on its intended use or its intended readership. It has to give stability to the product and at the same time appear either soft and flexible or very stiff. You will find Kösel's specialised products for these demands here.

The hardback cover conveys the book's content through material and design. We are able to process all possible covering materials with our machines. Special attention is given to editions with printed linen and our Kösel DuoDecke with a combination of different covering materials.

Our binding methods include thread-stitching, thread-sealing and glue-binding with all common types of adhesive in order to ensure the optimum durability of the various product varieties.

Our range of machinery allows high flexibility. Our production lines have several machines per production stage. We are therefore well equipped to meet short-term delivery dates. The machines are suitable for small and large formats. We can process book blocks with a thickness of up to 80 mm.