DID Award for innovative print finishing


Award in 2016

Oskar Leo Kaufmann: 69 Projekte 2012 – 1996

Two stiff covers related through the cover.

Award in 2015

Ars Viva – A book with three detachable parts

Award in 2014

Four rounded corners on a hardcover book

Award in 2010

extra - Encyclopaedia of Experimental Print Finishing

The book catches the eye immediately because of its special cover and the clear and structured design. The combination of two different book block processing methods in a single hardcover case makes this book a unique print finishing product.

Award in 2006

The FD 351 book type

Together with the Carl Hanser publishing house, Kösel developed a new patented book type that allows flexible covers (FC) to also be used for large format hardcover books. This type of flexible book tells the buyer that it is a modern book with contemporary content. The cover also allows a CD to be integrated in a very elegant way.